Math add the polynomials

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The 2 and 4 are on top of the a and b. (sqare #)

  • Math add the polynomials -

    You need to find the like terms, for example, a²b4 and 4a²b4 are like terms.
    You can add them together to make 5a²b4.

    Like terms must have the same variables each raised to the same power. We can add like terms by adding the coefficients, as we did above.

  • Math add the polynomials -

    ahh so the 7ab cancels because of the -7ab so answer is 5a²b4. I thought it was 4a4b8

    Thank you

  • Math add the polynomials -

    yes 7 a b - 7 a b = 0
    and the answer is
    5 a^2 b^4

  • To Adriana: -

    Your answer is correct.

  • Math add the polynomials -

    so its 4a^2b^8?

  • Math add the polynomials -

    I mean this is correct:
    "ahh so the 7ab cancels because of the -7ab so answer is 5a²b4."

  • Math add the polynomials -

    Post it.

  • Math add the polynomials -

    " answer is 5a²b4"

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