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Algebra 1B--Check Please!

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1.) Determine the equation of the axis of symmetry.
y = -5x2 - x + 9

Answer 1.) x=3/2

2.) Determine the equation of the axis of symmetry.
y = -6x2 + 3x - 4

Answer 2.) x=-2/10

  • Algebra 1B--Check Please! -

    I assume you have not done calculus before.
    To find the axis of symmetry of a polynomial of second degree (quadratic), we only have to complete the squares, which will then give the coordinates of the vertex in the form V(h,k) where
    and a is another constant.

    Starting with
    y = -5x2 - x + 9
    we write
    =-5(x+1/10)²+5/100 +9
    =-5(x+1/10)² +9.05
    Therefore h=-1/10, k=9.05, and
    or the axis of symmetry is x=-1/10

    I will leave #2 for you as practice.

  • Algebra 1B--Check Please! -

    Thanks! so number two is wrong?

  • Algebra 1B--Check Please! -

    #2 is not correct.
    You can follow the steps above and try again.

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