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Could you please check this paragraph, Ms.Sue? This is the last of the day.

1)He is a 28-year-old young writer and journalist born in Naples. He grew up in its hinterland ruled by the Camorra. Since he was a child, he has been aware of the mob's existence, its huge economic and political power.
2) As a student at university, he began to write about organized crime.
In 2006 his life changed forever after publishing his novel, Gomorrah, which strongly denounces the activities of the Camorra, or better, the System, the criminal organization that operates in Naples and in other towns in Campania.
3) The book soon became a best seller, while the writer became the object of threats and menaces from the Casalesi, the most sanguinary of all the Camorra clans. Since 2006, he has been living under a police escort.
4) We consider him a true hero because he broke the wall of omert - openly denouncing Camorra's illicit traffic and its pervasive power structure. If we want to defeat the "System," we need to follow his example: open our eyes, lift our heads and cry, "We are not afraid!"

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    1) What do you mean by Naples' "hinterland"?

    Everything else is fine.

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