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The blood flow rate through the aorta is typically 103 cm^3/s, and a typical adult has about 4.9 liters of blood.

(a) How long does it take for all your blood to pass through the aorta?

(b) If your aorta has a diameter of 2.1 cm, what is the speed of blood as it flows through the aorta?

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    (a) 4.9 l / 103 cm
    =4900 ml / 103 ml
    = 47.6 s

    (b) cross section area
    A = π2.1²/4 = 3.46 cm²
    Velocity = Volume/cross section area
    = 103/3.46 cm/s
    = 29.7 cm/s

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    Thank you so much!

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    You're welcome!

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