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2.8g of iron(¡¡) reacted with 100ml of 2M sulfuric acid. A.Which reactant is in exces? B. What volume of hydrogen gas is produce at RTP? C. How many moles of iron sulfate is produced? D. How many atoms of hydrogen gas were evolved?

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    A. Sulfuric acid B. O.01dm3 C. 0.03 moles D. 2*10^22 atoms

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    A. no. Fe + H2SO4 ==> FeSO4 + H2
    2.8g Fe/55.85 = about 0.05 mols Fe.
    mols H2SO4 = 0.1L x 2M = 0.2 mols.
    0.05 mols Fe will form 0.05 mols FeSO4
    0.2 mols H2SO4 2ill form 0.2 mols FeSO4(given all of the Fe it needs). Thw smaller number wins in all cases so Fe is the limiting reagent.
    B. 0.05 mols H2 gas formed. That is 0.05 mols x 22.4 L/mol = ? L at STP. I don't know what RTP is so you will need to convert.

    D. 1 mol contains 2*6.02E23 atoms. You had 0.05 mols; therefore, there are 0.05*2*6.02E23 atoms.


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