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last week Coughy worked 4 hours more than Achewy. she also worked twice as many hourse as Pokey. altogether, they earned $252. if couphy earns $6.50 per hour, Achewy earns $9 per hour, and Pokey earns $5 per hour, find the number of hours that each worked.

  • math -

    Achewy: X hrs. @ $9.00/hr.
    Coughy: (x+4) hrs. @ $6.50/hr
    Pokey:(x+4)/2 hrs. @ $5.00 hr.

    9x + 6.5(x+4) + 5(x+4)/2 = 252.
    Multiply both sides by 2 and solve for x.

  • math -

    you work 40 hours a week and earn $d an hour. You get a raise of $3 dollars an hour plus a #13 bonus the first week. How much did you earn the first week. Write and simplify the expression

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