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Physics(Please respond)

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1) A roller coaster (398 kg) moves from A (3.82 m above the ground) to B (29.4 m above the ground). Two non-conservative forces are present: friction does -1.82 x 104 J of work on the car, and a chain mechanism does +5.49 x 10^4 J of work to help the car up a long climb. What is the change in the car's kinetic energy KEf - KEo from A to B?

Would I multiply both the distance and work done for both A and B and then subtract them?

  • Physics(Please respond) -

    Initial PE-friction+workadded=final PE+final KE

    let point A be at Height=0, point B is then (+29.4-3.82)

    0-1.82E4+5.49E4=mg(29.4-3.82)+final KE

    solve for final KE

  • Physics(Please respond) -

    For the values of mg, m would be 398kg and g is 9.8 correct?

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