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Hello, I need to describe two techniques used in the sculpture called Leopard Aquamanile. This is my last one :)

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    i found one! it says lost wax technique, now i need to find 1 more

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    Read the physical description in the Details section below the image. Let me know what you learn.

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    its made of bronze with incised spots

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    The sculpture of the whole animal is one technique, using the wax which is eventually "lost" when the molten bronze is poured into the form, but those incised designs and punched places are even more intricate.

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    so i say the lost wax method, and the use of incised designs?

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    also what do u think the mood of the sculpture is? I said its fierce but i don't know if that's considered a mood

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    Mood is just the main emotion it generates. Fierce is fine.

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    kk thank you!

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