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8. What does Aibo have in his eyes?
He has two cameras in his eyes.

9. What can Aibo do with these cameras?
He can watch houses.

10. Aibo takes pictures of strangers. Then, what does he do?
He sends them to the owner's phone.

11. What can't PaPeRo do?
He can't do the dishes, and he can't clean houses, either.

12. What can PaPeRo do?
She can read newspapers to old people and she can speak.

13. What does PaPeRo like doing?
She likes talking with people.

14. How many robots are in Enjoy Reading?
There are four robots.
(Would you check the other questions and the answers? Correct some errors, please. Thank you. Have a great weekend!)

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    In 8, it's not clear if he has a camera in each eye (total of two) or two cameras in each eye. How can you clarify this?

    Everything else is fine!

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