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Find the volume of an industrial tank in the form of a horizontal cylinder whose radius si 2.6 yd, and whose length is 8.4 yd Repport your answer to thenearest tenth of a cubic yard and use 3.14

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    For a cylinder:

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    V = pi * r^2 * h

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    You have posted:
    "In regards to my question radius 2.6 yd
    length 8.4, 3.14 I used that formula
    and somewhere i went wrong ikeep coming up with the answer 68.5776 whichis none of the choices given."

    Both of the responses above indicate
    which means that
    volume = π × r × r × h

    Your answer 68.5776 corresponds to
    π × r × h, so it is 2.6 times smaller than the correct answer.

    Please try again with the correct formula. If you have problems, please post a follow-up here.

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