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Question # 1-What is the magnitude of the momentum of a particle of mass 2 kg with a speed of 5 m/s?

a)2.5 kg m/s
b)10 kg m/s
c)3 kg m/s
d)7 kg m/s

Question # 2-If two objects with different masses collide and bounce off each other, the one with the greater mass?

a)feels a larger impulse than the other one.
b)feels a smaller impulse than the other one.
c)feels the same impulse as the other one.
d)depends on the time of the collision.

Question # 3:If a particle doubles its speed ?

a)the mass must cut in half to conservere momentum
b)the momentum doubles for constant mass
c)the momentum cuts in half for constant mass
d)none of the above

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    b)10 kg m/s
    c)feels the same impulse as the other one. b)the momentum doubles for constant mass

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