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I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you, Writeacher.
By the way, have you found anything on Henrietta Lacks?

1) When his wife puts his arms around him and kisses him, he faints.
He explains this by saying that he has not been used to be touched by such a horrible animal.
2) He decides to spend his life in the stable among his animals because he can't stand the smell of humanity any longer.
3) In letter XV Pamela recounts to her mum her moral problems. While she is writing to her mum, she is discovered by Mr. B who reproaches her for having told both to her mum and to the housekeeper about his indecorous behaviour.
4) (On that occasion) he had put his arm around her and had dared kiss her without her permission.
Mr B offers her money and tries to kiss her but she protects her virtue and runs into the next rooom.
5) He dress remains stuck in the handle, Mr B watches through the key hole and see her faint.
6) As far as potiltics are concerned, the first political parties were the Whigs and the Tories.

  • Art -

    1. ... saying that he is not used to being touched by ...

    3. ... for having told both her mum and the housekeeper ...

    4. Use simple past, not past perfect tenses. Comma needed in 2nd sentence.

    5. Her ... sees ...

    Everything else is OK.

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