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Sometimes a person's sloping shoulders cause a garment to sag with diagonal wrinkles from the neck end of the shoulder seam to the armhole.To correct this,ripping out the sleeve and then doing which of the following is correct:
A)Rip the soulder seam from the center to the neckline and increase the seams depth there
B)Rip the shoulder seam along its full length and lessen its depth at the armhole
C)Rip the shoulder seam and insert a strip of fabric between the front and back bodice pieces
D)Rip the shoulder seam and make it more shallow at the neckline end
I'm not sure if it is A or B

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    My opinions!

    A will do nothing since the correction would be made at the neckline, not at the armhole (sleeve).

    B would do the reverse of what you need done.

    C is obviously out!

    D is what you need since you want more depth of seam at the armhole than at the neckline to accommodate sloping shoulders.

    Or am I envisioning this wrong??

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    I chose D as well, and they said it was the incorrect choice.

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