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algebra help please

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I notice that other problems are answered in a timely manner....was is my overlooked?

Determine values for A, B, and C such that the equation below represents the given type of conic. Each axis of the ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola should be horizontal or vertical. Then rewrite your equation for each conic in standard form, identify (h, k), and describe the translation.


Part A: Circle
Part B: Ellipse
Part C: Parabola
Part D: Hyperbol

  • algebra help please -

    It's possible that your question hasn't been answered because a tutor with algebra expertise has not been on Jiskha.

  • algebra help please -

    Ms. Sue,

    The same exact question was just asked today from another student and WAS answered in a timely manner. My however is still blank...... :(
    Good thing is I have my answer now.....

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