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write the complement of: 1.(xdegree+5degree)
3.(1/4) right angle

write the supplement of :
2.(7/8)right angle
3.(1.4)right angle

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    complement of x is 90°-x

    1. 90-(x+5) = 85-x
    2. 90-(24+a) = 66-a
    3. 90-(1/4*90) = 3/4*90 = 67.5

    supplement of x is 180°-x

    1. 180-(27+a) = 153-a
    2. 180-(7/8*90) = 101.25
    3. 180-(1.4*90) = 54
    4. 180-(54°27') = 125°33'

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