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a train moving at constant velocity of 54 k mph moves east wards for 30 min, then due to north with the same speed for 40 min. What is the average velocity of the train during the run?(in k mph)

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    I assume that your "k mph" is really kilometers per hour (km/h)

    In 70 minutes, the train goes (1/2)*54 = 27 km east and (2/3)*54 = 36 km north.

    It ends up sqrt[(27)^2 + (36)^2]= 45 km from where it started.

    The magnitude of the average velocity
    is 45 km/(7/6 h) = 38.57 km/h
    (70 minutes = 7/6 hour)

    The direction of the avg velocity is
    arctan 36/27 = 53.13 degrees north of east.

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