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Imagine you are the director of Rabbit-Proof Fence. Using what you have learned so far, how would you instruct the camera operator to help you communicate:
a) how the girls are feeling during their walk home?

b) how vast and empty the landscape is within the same scene? (1 paragraph)

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    Havn't seen it for awhile, but i am studying communications as one of my units at uni (film)

    I'd say that for a) there would be a lot of high angle shots of the girls. This gives the impression to the viewer that the girls are being looked down upon - hopeless, which is how they were feeling. I would also do a lot of shots where the girls appear almost 'small' ie/ they are not the only image in the screen. which can be seen with the famous rabbit proof fence photo of them walking beside the fence - this in itself shows that they are only young and feel completely lost in such a 'big' place.

    for b) just draw in what i was saying for a) there would be a lot of shots that give the appearance of the girls being smaller.

    sorry i couldn't be more help, kind of in a rush!
    hope it helps :)

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    thanks alot!!!

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