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The density of an unspecified material is 3.27 g/cm (cubed) . if the mass of a block of this material is 10.9kg, what is the volume of the block in cubic meters?

A Wooden block is pulled to the right across a level surface at a constant velocity by a force of 47 Newtons, the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and surface is 0.62:
A-What's the magnitude of the weight of the block?
B-what's the mass of the block?

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    ρ = 3.27 g/m³ =3270 kg/m³,
    V =m/ ρ = 109/3270 = 0.033 m³.

    F =F(fr)=k•m•g
    mg =F/k = 47/0.62 =75.8 N – weight.
    m =75.8/9.8 = 7.74 kg – mass.

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    wonderful, ty

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