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Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you.

1) Unlike in the past, now people enjoy watching ads.
Their objective is to show people how to defend.. They aim to show people how to defend.... (are they both possible?)
2) The use of children in ads is an exploitation of the children's image.
It's a way to earn audience as well as to sell a major number of products.
3) It is also a way to show children a lifestyle which doesn't exist.
If children see other children doing amazing things on TV, they think they can also do these things.
4) The biggest (??) risk is that our children could grow up with a wrong idea of life.
5) "Ad-busters" means destruction of the ad. This magazine wants to show how the adverts are false and wrong.
6) The use of children in ads can transform them into the victims of advertising (??).

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