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I urgently need you to revise these sentences. Thank you very much.

1) In the past when adverts came on TV the majority of people used to turn down the volume or to switch channels (or switch over to another channel). However, they don’t do this now.
2) In the past adverts only wanted to sell products. Now they want to propose (? Sell) lifestyles.
3) In some countries it is popular using children (to use children) in ads because they don’t have the tools to defend themselves against the skill of the advertisers.
4) Unlike in the past, now people enjoy watching ads. Lasn has launched a magazine called Adbusters (How would you explain the name?) to defend people against the might of the adverts.
5) They teach people how to defend themselves against advertising. Their objective is to show. They aim to show people how to defend....
6) People are attracted by new technology products.Nowadays ads use contain advertising techniques which reach into the hearts and mind of its viewers.

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    Use "ads" or "advertisements" or "commercials" -- I don't know where "adverts" is used.

    You want to completely revise these sentences? Why?

    Commas are needed, especially after introductory phrases and/or clauses. Without these commas, the separation between that thought and the main clause isn't made, and if the reader has to read a sentence more than once to get the idea right, he/she will often go read something else!

    4. ... Adbusters, to help people understand and defend themselves...

    6. delete "products."
    delete "use"
    use "minds"

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    Advert is the common abbreviation of advertisement in Great Britain.

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