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Year 11 Maths B

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The mean mass of 35 bags of potatoes on a truck is 49 kg. Eight more bags of mean mass 53 kg are added to the truck. What is the new mean mass of the potatoes? Round your answer to the nearest whole kg.

  • Year 11 Maths B -

    n1=35, total mass, m1 = 35*49 = 1715

    n2=8, total mass, m2 = 8*53 = 424

    Total bag count = n1+n2
    total mass = m1+m2

    New mean mass = (m1+m2)/(n1+n2)

  • Year 11 Maths B -

    So does that mean

    Total bag count: 43
    Total Mass: 2139
    New mean mass: 49.74418605
    Round it to the nearest kilo

    Is that correct???

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