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Renee belongs to a bowling club. She scores 50, 52, 55, and 59 on her first four games. She hopes to continue improving according to this pattern.

Part A: What are the next four terms in Reneeā€™s sequence?
Part B: Write an recursive function rule for the sequence?
Part C: What is the domain and range of your function rule?
Part D: Do you think Renee can keep up this pattern? Explain.

  • algebra -

    terms differ by 2,3,4,...
    2+3+4+...+n = n(n+1)/2-1
    so, the sequence is

    Tn = 49 + n(n+1)/2

    T1 = 50
    Tn = T(n-1) + n

    T21 = 280
    T22 = 302

    So, she can't keep it up past 21 games.

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