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Two blocks of mass m1 = 3.00 kg and m2 = 7.50 kg are connected by a mass less string that passes over a frictionless pulley. The inclines are frictionless. So this is like a triangle with a pulley at the top and both blocks resting at either side of the pulley each at a 35 degree angle.
(a) Find the magnitude of acceleration of each block.
(b) Find the tension in the string.

I found the acceleration to be 2.4 since

For the tension I thought that I could just use m1a=T-m1gsin(theta1) but it keeps coming out wrong.

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    You are solving the problem correctly. Having found the acceleration of each block to be a= 2.4 mtr/sec sq, you need to feed its value in the second equation: T = m1a + m1g sin(theta1) and get the answer as T = 24.0 Nt.

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