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another type of percents im havin trouble with, i know im close to figuring it out but cant quite get there...

"there were 130 people in a school auditorium to listen to a political candidate. This reprsents 33 1/3% of the capacity of the auditorium. How many seats are in the auditorium?"

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    0.3333333x = 130

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    how did u turn 33 1/3% into decimal? and how would I solve 0.3333333x = 130?

    And i rly do appreciate the help, have a huge test in the morning

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    To turn a %number into a decimal just move the decimal over two spots from the whole number. So, for example 100% would be 1, or 33 1/3 would be .33333 which is 1/3 of 100%. The 1/3 part turns into .33 because 1/3 of a dollar is 0.33 cents. another example would be 25% is 0.25 because 25% of a dollar is 0.25 or 25 cents. But the easiest way to answer this problem is take 130 and divide it by 33% or by 0.3333

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