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Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you very much.

1) The Augustan were interested in real life.
As for politics/as far as politics is concerned, the two main political parties were the Tories and the Whigs.
2) The poor used to live in terrible conditions.
3) Rober Walpole was succeeded (can you use "succeed" with reference to a Prime Minister) by William Pitt.
4) More important is its immediacy.
Another important feature is its immediacy.
5) One time (once) Mr B tries to put his arms around her and kiss her but Pamela refuses his advance.
6) He finds himself on an island, where its inhabitants are giants (or whose inhabitants are giants?).

  • Art -

    1. People in the Augustan Age ...

    ... the Tories ...

    2. OK

    3. Yes, this is fine.

    4. Both are fine.

    5. One time ... kiss her, but ... advances.

    6. ... where the ...
    ("whose" works well, too)

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