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Can you please help me check a few things, Writeacher? Thank you.

1)The two political parties which alternated in government were the Whigs and the Tories.
2) The Whig ministers' meetings developed into the cabinet led by the Prime Minister.
3) It is composed of four books where the author (no: Gulliver) describes his own adventures around the world.
4) On his second voyage he sails for India but he finds himself in the fictional country of Brobdingnag where the inhabitants are giants.
5) He doesn't tolerate his family's presence because of their smell and the fact they have to eat in the same room.
6) She is surprised by Mr B who accuses her of behaving foolishly because she informed both her parents and Mrs Jervis of his behaviour thus compromising his reputation.
7) He scolds her and calls her (a) saucebox, (an) equivocator and a bold face.

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