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2H2S + 3O2 → 2H2O +2SO2 given the balanced equation, if 4 moles of hydrogen sulfide react:

How many moles of oxygen consumed?
How many moles of water and sulfur dioxide are produced?


    Follow the coefficients.
    4 mol H2S x (3 mols O2/2 mols H2S) = 4*3/2 ?
    Note how the factor in parentheses converts mols H2S to mols Oxygen. For H2O it works this way.

    4 mols H2S x (2 mols H2O/2 mols H2S) = 4*2/2 = ?
    See the mols H2S on the bottom cancels with H2S in the numerator and leaves the unit you want to convert to.
    Now you do the last one.


    the first one comes 6
    the second becomes 4
    just i think.................!


    This should be the answer...

    Moles of Sulfur Dioxide:
    4 mol H2S x (S mol SO2/2mol H2S) = 4*2/2=?

    Ans: 4 mol SO2

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