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I need to state the period and 2 consecutive asymptotes on the graph for the following questions.

1: y = -3 tan pi*x
period: pi (?)
asymptotes: ?

2: y = 2 sec 4x
period: ?
asymptotes: ?

3: y = csc (x/3)
period: ?
asymptotes: ?

4: y = 3 cot (pi*x/2)
period: ?
asymptotes: ?

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    I ca help you with the first one as this is the only one I understand so far. Since you have pi*x in the tan, you have to take the pi and divide by the k of the function, which in this case is pi. This gets you a perio of one, meaning that there is a point at every single interval. The aymptotes are in between each interval. Since you have to get half way between each quarter of pi, there is an asymptote at pi/8 and then add pi/4 to find the other asymptotes there of. A few I found are pi/8, which is the first one, and (3*pi)/8. Hope it helps. If I find out how to do the other three problems, I'll help! :D

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