series and parellel circuits

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ok here we go ... its a series-parellel circuit with 5 resistors.
12 volt battery- wire goes up then one wire branches up at 45 deg with a 10 ohm resistor then down at a 45 deg with a 10 ohm resistor, a second wire branches down at 45 deg with a 20 ohm resistor then up at a 45 deg with a 25 ohm resistor, now both wires join up again as one (kinda looks like a leaf) and into a 50 ohm resistor and back to the battery
Looking for how to solve this one to find the current for each, the voltage for each and the power consumed by each..

  • series and parellel circuits -

    If I am reading it correctly, you have a parallel circuit in which two series branches are in parallel.

    The resistance of the series branches are 20 ohm(10+10), and 45 ohm(20+25). Those in parallel offer a total resistance of

    Rp=20*45/(20+45) figure that out.

    Then, that is in series with the 50 ohm resitor.

    Find total current. Find voltage across the 50 ohm resistor (Itotal*50).

    Now you know voltage across the parallel branch, so you can easily find current in each branch.

  • series and parellel circuits -

    Hi Bob, just to make sure... I figure out the top and bottom .. and not the left and right .. is that correct?

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