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Thank you very much, Writeacher.
I left out the following statements.

1) The poem successfully expresses the modern artist’s disillusion with the modern world and, at the same time, the desperate need and search for a new tradition.
2) It also represents the culmination of the first phase in Eliot’s career, which may be called nihilistic. The poet sees only ruins and desolation around him and is concerned with aspects of the decay of western civilization that followed World War I.
3) The dry landscape of the waste land corresponds to the spiritual dryness and sterility of modern life which seems to lack any belief, religious or other, that can give meaning to everyday life.
4)The land is condemned to sterility and nothing can save it. No hope of regeneration or fertility is given.
5) The central metaphor of the poem is based on the fundamental opposition between sterility and fertility. To express this theme Eliot brings together images of modern decadence with images, echoes and quotations from ancient myths and legends.
6) The myths give the poem a sense of narrative and allow the author to concentrate on the characters’ mental and emotional states. The various cultural fragments are selected from an incredibly wide range of sources.
7) The Bible and Dante’s Divina Commedia are of vital important to Eliot, but so too (I need a synonym) are Shakespeare, the work of French Symbolists, Homer’s Odyssey, Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the works of anthropologists like James Frazer.

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    1 - 6 are fine.

    7. The Bible and Dante’s Divina Commedia are of vital importance to Eliot, as are the works of French Symbolists, Homer’s Odyssey, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and the works of anthropologists, such as James Frazer.

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