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I forgot to add these sentences.
Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) He spends more on train tickets than he actually earns by working as a support teacher.
2) Pamela is an epistolary novel made up of 32 letter in which the girl tells her parents about her life as a noble servant.
3) The author doesn't interfere in the story, he has just to arrange the letters. (He limits himself to/he restricts himself to + noun, so to arranging is not possible?).
4) She manages to make her own future by marrying a noble man.
She is angry with him (not to) but also afraid and ashamed and burst out in tears (she bursts into tears).
5) He tries to hug her and she rushes away in near room (into the next room) where she apparently faints.
6) He started a mercantilist policy to make England a strong country.
The merchants gained prestige within the middle class. The poor wer affected by serious diseases, such as smallpox, scurvy, or (and?) typhus.

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    1. OK

    2. ... thirty-two letters ...

    3. run-on; do you see how to fix it?
    I'm not sure about your question in parentheses. Do you mean that the author simply told the story through the letters, in their chronological sequence?

    4. ... angry with him ... bursts into ...

    5. comma needed; ... into the next room ...

    6. ... poor were affected ... and typhus.

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    I know this isn't near you, but you may have felt it anyway. I used to live in California, and I felt them frequently!

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