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How were the Pueblo people like the Anasazi???

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    Please help.

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    see, i used the same name and now no one will answer

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    This time you're going to have to read and take notes to answer this question.



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    so HOW exactly are they alike???

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    And I am sorry ms.sue. I didn't treat you very nice. :(

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    Please note that the current-day Pueblo people do not like the term "anasazi" to refer to their ancestors:

    Archaeologists referred to one of these cultural groups as the Anasazi, although the term is not preferred by contemporary Pueblo peoples.[1] The word Anaasází is Navajo for "Ancient Ones" or "Ancient Enemy."
    Hewit, "Puebloan Culture," University of Northern Colorado


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    so how are they alike???

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    Read, child, READ!

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    I did and i don't see how they are alike

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    I give up.Bye

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