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Why was the aztec civilization considered warlike?

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    Can someone please help me by answering this question?

    Just to let you people know:
    - There are NO answer choices!
    - I do not need a link
    - If I sound rude I am sorry but I am in a big time rush!!!!
    - And like I said again I do not need a link, so if you would please just post me the answer to the question that I put uo above.
    - Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that you will all finish your homework succesfully and have a great day!!! Thank you for your time!!!! ANd have a great day.

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    They were considered warlike because they were fighters and cruel to their captives.

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    Thank you I reall y appreciate your help

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    You're welcome. I hope that's the answer your teacher expects.

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    yes It should be good :D

    And one more thing, Can you describe the social class of the aztec empire???

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    "Social classes in Aztec culture

    There were two main social classes in Aztec culture. First the nobility or pilli, then the common people or macehualli. Each of these was further broken up into groups of people that had quite different lives.

    There were also slaves, which were generally well-treated. Slavery was not hereditary - the children of a slave were free. There were ways for a slave to gain freedom, such as purchasing it."


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    I am sorry Ms.Sue, but I need help with this question since my history book does not mention any thing of the Social class of the Aztec empire. So now I am reling on your good, old self!!!! I must hurry since I also have to study for the EOC. Thank you.

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