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Can you please check these sentences, Writeacher?
Thank you very much.

1) “I have been to Greece twice," he said. (He said that he had been to Greece twice)
2) It was the first time I had spent my vacation without my parents.
Mary had done all the cleaning before/by 9 am.
3) I was having dinner when the phone rang.
4) He told me he had lost his car keys and wanted me to pick him up.
5) Complete the sentence with the comparative forms of a proper (suitable) adverb
Example: It started raining …………….. so we went back into our cars.
6) We arrived earlier/later than we supposed.
7) You can’t wear casual clothes to the party. You have to dress smartly
8) Next time you should check your test carefully before handing it in to your teacher.

  • Art -

    1. OK

    2. How can you phrase this so you don't have "my" so close together in the same sentence?

    3, 4 -- OK

    5. OK; I'd use "suitable"

    6. ... than we thought we would.
    ... than we were supposed to.

    7. OK if you put a period at the end.

    8. OK

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