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As you research, verify the facts you find by consulting______.

A.Mutilple sources
B.Yor English teacher
C.The encyclopedia
D.The preface

Secondary sources______.

A.Provide firsthand testimony and direct evidence

B.Interpret and analyze primary or other secondary sources

C.Store original reflections and correspondence

D.Can only be found in personal collections and private libraries

People aged 18 and under should have a nightly curfew at 10 p.m. because they need more sleep than adults and the majority of violent crimes against youth occur after 10 p.m.

What do you expect to read in an essay with this thesis statement?

A. Research proving why most people need more sleep

B. Evidence that a majority of violent crimes are committed by youth

C. A section on sleep and a section on violent crimes

D. A proposal for schools to start class later in the day

Which topic would be most appropriate for a four to five page research paper?

A. Are boys and girls different?

B. Do children learn better in boys only and girls only schools?

C. How many boys only schools are in the US?

D. Are male teachers or female teacher more effective?

Why is the research plan pivotal to a research project?

A. It identifies the focus and method of the research project

B. It helps educated people make life decisions

C. It allows students to pratice reading critically when faced with conflicting information

D. It provides important scientific and medical data to the public

Primary sources_____.
A. interpret and analyze other primary sources

B. Analyze computer and internet sources

C. provide firsthand testimony or direct evidence

D. can only be found in public and unviersity libraries

My Answers: D,A,B,A,A,B these are not random guesses please help i already got them wrong once

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    I have news for you: those are random answers. Or, they might be the correct answers, sorted randomly.

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    well look the answers I had before were wrong if you could help that would be appricatated

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    I agree with Bob -- these apparently are random answers.

    It's too hard to read your answers because you didn't number the questions. The best way to indicate your answer is to mark the answer with a * or other symbol.

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    So -- which were the wrong answers that you chose before??

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    1. B
    2. D
    3. B
    4. B
    5. A

    those were wrong so yeah I don't know

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    1. WHERE would you go to find facts?

    2. Be sure you understand what secondary sources are:

    3. Re-read the thesis statement given. What are the major points it includes?

    4. Any could be correct; I don't know how someone would choose.

    5. Your choice is OK, but there's one in there that's better. Ask yourself this: Who uses a research plan?

    6. See #2 above.

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