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We have to write a paper about seashells,sunglasses,and sunscreen

My cousins and I went to the beach last summer and we brought things top lay with there like our beach ball and water guns then we put on our suncreen and sunglasses before going in the water.We played games in the water such as volleyball.Then we played this game with our water guns where one person would try and hit someone with the water gun and if that person got shot than they would try etting everyone else until there's one person left.After a while,we swam around the beach and had some races with each other.Then,we got out of the water and looked for cool looking seashells we wanted.We ended up finding different kinds of seashells that we liked.Some of them were big and the others would be smaller but have cool patterns.My cousins and I had a great time at the beach and we hope we could go there again!

On my paper I didn't write much about sunscreen and sunglasses, can anyone help me and see if I can add more about it and where I should put it?

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    Did you have sunscreen? Did you have sunglasses? What would have happened if you had not had those.

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