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I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you.

1) Focus on Richardson’s Pamela and answer briefly the following questions.
2) What does Pamela recount to her mum in letter XV?
3) What does Mr B accuse her of and how does she apologize herself to him?
4) What does Mr B offer to do?
5) Why does he refer to Lucretia?
6) What’s Pamela’s reaction to Mr. B’s advance?
7) Can you send me a list of your participating students together with a photo of the whole group?
8) I'm going to download (upload) it (the photo) on the school webpage under the link "projects".

  • Art -

    1. ... briefly answer ...

    3. delete "herself"

    7. Please send me a list ...

    8. You would download it from your camera to the computer -- then upload it from the computer to the website.

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