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Any help is appreciated!

What are Pendentives?

A)Free standing pillars
B)Semicircular arches
C)Octagonal lintels
D)Hemispherical dome

I'm not sure about this one. They are not A because they were not freestanding. D could be right because I've seen them described in such a way, but they weren't exactly domes. C could also be right because lintels are things that held up a structure, as did pendentives, but they weren't octagonal. So I would probably go with B.

The art that was practiced throughout Medieval Period was:

A)manuscript illumination
B)stained glass art
C)icon painting
D)wood carving


The following are the features of an ambulatory EXCEPT:

A)a walkway surrounding the church
B)contained niches with relics
C)allowed pilgrims to visit without disturbing the rituals
D)gave structural stability to the architecture


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    I agree with your answers.

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    Great! Thank you!

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    Can you help with one more thing?

    The features of mosaic art include the following EXCEPT:

    A)background is naturalistic
    B)figures usually have stiff and stylized gestures
    C)outlines are made clear and bold
    D)the overlapping of figures is avoided


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    I disagree with your last one.

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    Well if that is not the answer then it would have to be A because C and D kind of go hand and hand.

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    Yes, you're right.

    There's nothing "naturalistic" about cement or mortar! Those are man-made things.

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    Yes, that makes sense. Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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