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Tickets on the ferris wheel cost .50 cents. At least how many tickets were sold? There are 36 cars on the ferris wheel that holds 60 people per car. Suppose every ticket holder rode for two turns of the wheel. At least how many turns did the wheel have to make? I think it's two, and that the cost of the tickets doesn't matter, but is this a trick question? Please help me!

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    Do you realize that this -- ".50 cents" -- means half a cent?? Are you sure you want to compute your problem with half-cent tickets??

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    Those are awfully big cars to hold 60 people each.

    Do you need to consider the turning the wheel takes as it is loading and unloading? In other words, in terms of loading, one car would be filled, the wheel would proceed 1/36 to the next car, etc…. Once loaded everyone would have two turns of the wheel. Then they have to unload in a similar way.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks PsyDAG. This was the very first ferris Wheel so that's why it was so big and held a lot of people. I wasn't given any other information.

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