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collect like terms and then arrange in descending order.
8x^5 - 7x^9-7x^5+ 8x^9

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    Like terms are terms with the same variables raised to the same powers.

    8x^5 - 7x^9-7x^5+ 8x^9
    First groupe like terms and arrange in descending order
    = 8x^9-7x^9 + 8x^5-7x^5
    Now the simplification
    =x^9 + x^5

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    THE total revenue is the amount of money tsken by a business. Appliance firm determines that when it sells y washing machine, the total revenue R in dollars is given by the polynomial R=314.28x-0.1x^2. What is the total revenue from the sale 0f 135 washing machines.

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    Try to start a new post for a new question. Sometimes these piggy-backed questions get forgotten.

    I will answer it this time.

    R is a function of x. So substitute 135 for x to get
    R=314.28*135 - 0.1*135²

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