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i need help with poem i not understand the last stanza and why it be so important. it also says by giving examples from poem, tell how poet tells the necessary qualities of all members of cat family. do his outlook also apply to humans?

it tells by describing them softmannered, musical in purr, fur being soft, silky and well-groomed. i not get if his outlook apply on human also.

E.J. Pratt

The Prize Cat

Pure blood domestic, guaranteed,
Soft-mannered, musical in purr,
The ribbon had declared the breed,
Gentility was in the fur

Such feline culture in the gads
No anger ever arched her back--
What distance since those velvet pads
Departed from the leopard's track!

And when I mused how Time had thinned
The jungle strains within the cells,
How human hands had disciplined
Thoes prowling optic parallels;

I saw the generations pass
Along the reflex of a spring,
A bird had rustled in the grass,
The tab had caught it on the wing:

Behind the leap so furtive-wild
Was such ignition in the gleam,
I thought an Abyssinian child
Had cried out in the whitethroat's scream.

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    In the last stanza, the poet imagines that some time in the distant past a child in Africa (Abysinnia/Ethiopia) has been killed by an ancient cat.

    Just as man has evolved, so have cats evolved from large predators to the gentle house cats of today.

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    thank you very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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