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I would like you to check these last sentences? Thank you very much Writeacher.

1) They had an argument but they made it up.
2)They held up a bank but they managed to get away with it.
3) He needn't have bought a new map.
4) It wasn’t necessary for her to follow her mother’s advice.
5) I’m certain he has stolen the ring from Peter William’s bedroom.
6) It is possible that he will be invited to Peter’s wedding.
7) I’m very unsure that I will pass my french test.
I might pass my French test.
8) He is likely to visit us tonight.
He is likely to have visited them yesterday.

  • Art -

    1. delete "it"

    5. use "stole" instead of "has stolen"

    7. "French" (capital F)

    That last one in 8 is awkward. It'd be smoother to write this: He probably visited them...

    Everything else is fine.

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