posted by Dylan

At the dining halls I work out all employees must wear hats or hairnets and gloves at all times no exceptions!

At all the restaurants I have ever eaten at I have never seen waiters or waitresses wear gloves or hairnets/hats ever! I feel as if this a huge sanitation violation because waiters and waitress directly touch with their bare skin dishware customers eat off of. Not only that hair can get into their food.

So how come restaurants can pass health inspections (the obviously do because I've never seen a waiter wear gloves or hairnets) given that waiters don't have to wear gloves or hairnets. I think it's sick that they don't. Waiters could touch counters or other no sanitary objects, or touch one customers plate with a certain food on it, and then go and touch another customers plate to put it on the table which might have different food on it. There's also the hair thing.

How is this safe and sanitary? How on earth do health inspections allow this?

  1. Writeacher

    Are you writing a paper on this topic?

  2. Dylan

    No it just occurred to me as something intriguing. I don't see how anyone can argue that it's ok for waiters and waitresses to not wear hats/hairnets or gloves but apparently it's ok because restaurants pass health inspections. I have eaten at many restaurants and have never seen a waiter wear hairnet/hat or gloves. I guess it saves money but don't understand how it's safe at all.

  3. Writeacher

    Every state has its own set of laws to cover these kinds of things. It's not necessarily a matter of logic!

    Be sure to check out your own state's health laws regarding restaurants. Find out how any eating establishment gets a grade of A (or whatever is "passing" in the state) ... and what happens if they don't.

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