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For this problem my equation is Y=70+110e^kt
but i keep getting it wrong any suggestions?

A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185 Fahrenheit and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 75 Fahrenheit.
(a) If the temperature of the turkey is 153 Fahrenheit after half an hour, what is its temperature after 45 minutes?
Your answer is Fahrenheit.
(b) When will the trukey cool to 100 Fahrenheit?
Your answer is hours.

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    I disagree with your equation. At time=0,

    temp=70+110=180F However this does not match the problem description. So it makes sense that it should be

    temp=75+110e^kt that works at time zero.

    78=110 e^.5k
    take the ln of each side
    solve for k, then put it in the equation
    at you have k, and time as .75, solve for temp.

    b. solve for time when temp=100

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