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The electronegativities of the elements are H=2.1, O=3.5, F=4.0, S=2.5, Cl=3.0. Determine (calculate) the electronegativity diffrences for the following molecules and explain how they are arranged in the order: H2, O2, HCl, HF, H2O and position them in the following designations.
Covalent bond-Polar Covalent Bond-Polar Bond. I have tried this question countless times and need help on how to calculate and determine the answers.


    You are making it harder than it really is.
    For H2 it is 2.1-2.1 = 0, right?
    For O2 it is 3.5-3.5 = 0, right?
    For HCl it is 3.5-2.1 = 1.4, right?
    For HF it is 4.0 - 2.1 = 1.9 etc
    A difference of zero makes it as near covalent as we can get.
    A difference of 1.9 or so (some profs call it 1.7 and some 2.0) you have approximately 50/50 covalent-ionic bond. Anything over that is called ionic(polar), anything between that and zero is called polar covalent.

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