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Could you please check these sentences, Writeacher? Thank you.

1) Samuel Richardson was born into a Puritan middle-class family.
He moved to London quite young, and there started working as a printer.
2) At the age of 51, when he was one of London's most reputable and prosporous printers, he unexpectedly turned novelist (to story-telling?):
3) In 1740 he published Pamela, an epistolary novel about a young servant who is persecuted by her master, a young nobleman.
4) The book was immensely successful but it also caused a great debate in England for the way it represented the relationships between the different social classes.
5) In his old age Richardson was revered as a great novelist and a public figure.
6) Pamela is the first psychological novel written in English. The reader is taken inside the mind of Pamela and is invited to share her innermost thoughts and moods.

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