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In "The Second Coming," what is Yeats' prophecy for modern civilization?
a. World War II will kill millions of civilians and soldiers
b. The United States will become the dominant world power
c. Western civilization will enter a period of decline
d. Science will find cures for many previously fatal diseases

I think C, Definitely not d, probably not b

In the second stanza of "Sailing to Byzantium" the speaker impies that he is coming to Byzantium to

A. Die
B. Be Born
C. Learn to Sing
D. Become Holy

Maybe D or B

The visual imagery of the poem is dominated by
A.Vivid color
B.Expressions of love
C.Dry, Quiet sounds

Well I Know it's not C or D so A or B cause last time i answeed it i put C & D and it was wrong

The main feeling conveyed by the speaker in this poem, "The Second Coming" is one of


I don't know what that word is But I'm having hopes for C

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    I agree with your first answer.

    I disagree with your last answer. Make sure you are absolutely confident about what each word means. http://www.answers.com

    Which poem is being referred to in the third question?

    And you need to re-read and maybe re-re-read "Sailing to Byzantium."

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    thank you ^^

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    You're welcome.

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    expression of love

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