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In my experiment I placed NaCl in glycerin for 10 minutes or more and it did not dissolve. I have looked to see if glycerin is polar or nonpolar and the information uses glycerol and glycerin interchangeably, yet they are not the same. Some information states it is polar and other sites say it is nonpolar. The chemical structure of glycerin has 2 primary and 1 secondary hydroxyl groups. This to me would classify it as polar. What is your opinion? Thanks!!!

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    From the way this post is worded I'm wondering if this is part of a laboratory experiment as a student OR if this is an uncontrolled exercise on your own? Did you stir to see if solubility was increased? How do you know none dissolved?
    First, glycerin and glycerol are the same thing and the names are interchangeable. What makes you think they are different compounds? Second, according to at least three sites I found on the web, NaCl issoluble and that many polar compounds (NaClO4, KCl, etc) are soluble as well. This would indicate some polarity to glycerin although not highly polar. It competes for hydrogen bonding in water.
    Here is one web page that gives more information.

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