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Calculate the pH when the following volumes of 0.20 M LiOH are added into 50 mL of a 0.1 M HCl solution. Both LiOH and HCl are strong electrolytes.
a) 0 mL
b) 10 mL
c) 24.6 mL
d) 25 mL
e) 25.6 mL
f) 30 mL
g) 40 mL

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    This is a strong acid/base titration. Balance your equation for the reaction and calculate if you have excess H30+ or OH-
    Remember that pH=-log[H30+]
    and pOH = -log[OH-]
    pOH = 14 - pH
    Where [H30+] and [OH-] is the concentration of each substance in moles/liter

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