Enviromental Anthro.

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1. How do Fairhead and Leach explain the forest-savanna mosaic in West Africa?
a) villagers planted trees and told stories about them
b) corporations began logging and mining in the region
c) the state prohibited slash and burn farming and created a national park
d) Western environmental groups came in and began planting trees

2. Why do the Ache of Eastern Paraguay gather?
a) the soil is poor and they cannot farm the land
b) hunting and gathering has costs and benefits
c) there is not enough protein to feed such a large population
d) there is not enough rainfall to herd animals year-round

3. What did the Eastern and Western Penan in the Malaysian rain forest do?
a) The two groups united and resisted the logging companies together.
b) The Eastern Penan gave up and began working for the logging companies.
c) The Western Penan had connections with the state and were able to relocate.
d) They both responded differently to the crisis.

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